How to win in sports betting Peru: practical tips to live on sports betting!

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How to win in sports betting

If you are here, it is surely because you live in Peru and want to learn how to make a living from Peru sports betting. Well, there is no magic formula, but a lot of study and work, and these basic tips to learn how to win in Peru sports betting! Let’s start!

Budget and limits: two basic concepts to learn how to win in sports betting

People who bet for fun put in the money they want to use on the day of the event itself. He does not think about the medium-long term, he simply invests an amount from time to time and that’s it. However, many, internally, want to live from it. But what do they do? Impossible combinations or investments that are too aggressive for your economic capacity.

Therefore, to learn how to win sports bets and be able to live from them, you have to start by being somewhat organized:

  1. Set an amount that you are willing to invest in bets. Take, for example, 10,000 /S.
  2. Do not register in a single bookmaker, but in several. In this way, you can always access a better quota.
  3. Distribute the money destined for bets among all the bookmakers in which you have registered. The distribution should be made based on how much you plan to use each house or the markets that it has. For example, if a large part of your bets are going to be on individual performances by NBA players, most of the money should be deposited in one or more platforms that cover these markets better than the rest.
  4. Bet per unit or percentage. To do this, divide the input by 100. In this case, we had 10,000 /S. Your unit would be, if you entered this amount, 100 /S each. By percentage you avoid bankruptcy even more. For example, 1% of 10,000 would be 100 /S. But if you bet 1% and lose it, you would have 9900 /S. 1% of 9900 /S is 99.
  5. Adjust the stake (units or percentage staked) depending on the event and the confidence it gives you. Do not play more than 10% of your bank at the same time.
  6. To learn how to win sports bets in the medium-long term, you must accept losses as part of the way. Don’t try to win back a lost bet right away. Keep a cool head. Set limits. That is, do not spend more on the game than you can afford to lose.

Diversify to always take advantage of the best rate

As we have already collected in the first section, being registered in several Peru sports betting houses at the same time is beneficial because it allows you to always take advantage of the best odds (at least among the chosen platforms). If you can invest at a rate of 1.90 instead of 1.83 for the same selection, do it, since it is 7% more profit!

If you are a casual bettor, it will be silly, but if you are looking for medium-long term profits, odds are key. By always looking for the highest, you will have a greater margin of error and higher potential profits. To achieve this, you have a wide variety of Peruvian operators: Inkabet, Timberazo, Rivalo, Apuesta Total, Sportimba, Circus…

As sometimes you have to hurry so that the quotas do not go down, when investing you can use a quota comparator. Just type this into Google to access the tool in the first result that comes up. The odds comparators offer you a table where you can see the odds assigned by each operator to a specific event.

In this way, especially if you are registered with more than three bookmakers, it will not be difficult for you to find the best possible odd quickly. If you follow a tipster, he will take care of doing this work for you. But we will talk about them later in this content!

Value Bets: What are they and how to identify them?

Value Bets

Those who know how to win in sports betting and say that making a living from Peru soccer betting is not impossible, they always talk about the so-called “quotas with value”. The so-called value occurs when a quota reflects less chance of it happening than it really should. This has a subjective component, but it is so.

Let’s explain it. The odds reflect a probability. For example, a 2 to 1 odd reflects a 50% chance of it happening. To calculate the percentage of an odd, divide one by the decimal odd and multiply the result by one hundred. The result will be the percentage of real probabilities that the house gives to the event associated with said quota.

If you believe that this 2 to 1 odd, which reflects a 50% probability, should be lower, because your analysis tells you that the odds are that said odd will occur, for example, 65%, then invest! It is a quota with value because in the long run it will give you a real benefit of 15%, since it is poorly adjusted by the house.

And how to detect them? Bookmakers use sophisticated algorithms and professional traders who collate thousands of data to best adjust odds. However, as humans operating machines, they also make mistakes. You must make your own analyzes and anticipate them. That is why it is good to specialize in a single market or competition!

Specialization is key to making a living from sports betting

In order to obtain quotas with value, you must narrow your field of action. Do not trust that player or tipster who, for example, in tennis, bets on everything: WTA, ATP, Challenger, ITF… There is no time in real life to be able to analyze all the tennis tournaments in the world. The more you cover, the less accurate your analyzes will be and the less valuable odds you will find.

Therefore, think about what you like. Do you love basketball? Well, focus on the NBA, the Euroleague or the Chinese league. Are you good at predicting the number of corner kicks on dates in the Peruvian league or in any European league? Go for it! And when that competition or market rests or is not available, do not look for alternatives or you will lose everything!

Once you choose a path, check that it works. To do this, sign up for a platform that allows you to track your bets or dedicate an Excel sheet to it. In this way, you will be able to know how you perform month by month, as well as what moments of the season you are best at or what events you hit most often.

To win at sports betting, use your head, not your heart

When looking to learn how to win sports bets, you have to assume that you should not be emotional, but rational. Below, we collect some guidelines for behavior in this regard. Start down the path that leads you to live from online sports betting!

Discard your affiliates

When we start betting, we usually do it on teams or athletes that we like. Because of this, we make decisions from an emotional point of view, leaving objective analysis in the background.

You shouldn’t always bet on Real Madrid because you’re a merengue. Analyze. If you feel that you will not be able to separate your feelings from bets involving your favorite athletes or teams, try not to invest in events that involve them. Your wallet will thank you!

favorites don’t always win

When one starts betting looking for a way to learn how to win at sports betting, he tends to bet almost always on the favourites. But if there is no value, it is not worth it. Especially when the fees are ridiculous. In some countries, such as Spain, these odds are called “small quotas” (1.15 to 1 or less).

Although the statistics say that these types of odds have around a 90% chance of coming out, you would only obtain profitability with them if you hit more than 9 out of 10 investments of this type. Generally, these types of fees are nothing more than a trap that the only thing that achieves is to make you lose money.

What types of bets should you be wary of?

We continue with the tips on how to win in sports betting. In relation to what was stated in the previous section, there are a series of markets and bets that you should be wary of. These are options that seem safe or that have very juicy odds, but whose performance in the medium-long term is more than doubtful.

Basically, any bet that requires guessing an exact result is nothing more than playing the lottery (at least as far as advance bets are concerned). To bet that Universitario will beat Ayacucho F.C. 3-0 at home is tossing a coin. Of course it can happen, but you can’t rely on anything objective to justify it.

The same thing happens in bets of the type “exact result of the set” or, in basketball, those in which you must guess whether the sum of the goals achieved by both teams at the end of the match will give an even or odd number. Yes, they can be fun bets for a few coins, but not a strategy to learn how to win at sports betting!

There are no safe bets

There are no safe bets

Except for those made by arbitration, there are no sure bets. And the arbitrage, unfortunately, will be short-lived (especially if you bet large amounts). And it is that sports betting houses have more than enough tools to detect these patterns and limit the users who use them.

Therefore, you must assume that no matter how favorite a team is or how confident you are in a forecast, nothing is certain! When you are trying to learn how to win at sports betting, you should understand this as this will help you manage your bank better.

Avoid multiple or accumulated bets

We are not saying that you should not use parlay betting when learning how to win at sports betting. When they are made with two or three selections, they can be very useful, as they allow you to use inflated odds that, betting selection by selection, you would not get.

However, you have to be careful. The more selections, the harder it is to hit. Remember that an odd of 1.10 or 1.20 to 1 is not a guarantee of anything. Therefore, to learn how to win in sports betting, you should resort to the combined very from time to time, joining no more than three selections and after exhaustive analysis.

Live betting yes, but in moderation

Live betting is very tempting due to the fluctuations that occur in the odds. However, they are a double-edged sword. By presenting greater liquidity, many more markets are opened and it is allowed to bet more aggressively. This increases the chances of loss.

On the other hand, you should not bet live unless you are watching live footage of the event or to hedge against a previous bet. Also avoid getting carried away by reduced fees. For example, if in the 85th minute of a football game, a team wins 1-0 and their winning odds are 1.10 to 1, do not invest, it does not present value as tempting as it may be!

How to make forecasts and learn how to win in sports betting?

This topic, about how to make Peru sports predictions, could take us a complete article, since it is complex. The key is analysis. For example, in NBA basketball, you must assess the streaks, the moment of the season, if the game is back-to-back, fitness, injuries, defensive and attacking statistics… There are many variables that you must put on the table .

Read and study everything you can when looking for how to win in sports betting. In tennis, for example, something very useful is to follow tennis players on social networks. In this way, you will be able to have a better idea of ​​their level of involvement in each tournament. Attend press conferences, possible physical problems, how many points they defend in each frame…

Turn to a tipster

A good way to learn how to win at sports betting is to hire a tipster. These are professional tipsters. Well, you don’t always have to hire them as some offer their services for free. Of course, before trusting a tipster, whether free or paid, study it well.

There are many scammers out there who promise to help you learn how to win at sports betting, but they are scammers. The tipster must be transparent: that is, present verified or verifiable statistics of his career. Also don’t get carried away by those who only talk about money and not units (not everyone handles the same capital to bet).

And do not hire or follow those who bet on everything and every day or those who, due to their schedule or activity, do not allow you a good follow-up. Keep in mind that the level tipsters knock down the odds, so if you can’t follow them well, when you go to place the bet they have recommended, the odds may have dropped, for example, from 2.20 to 1.66 (and would no longer have any value).

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