What are Slots?

What are Slots

In the history of this game, it is said that it was invented by Charles Fey in San Francisco in 1895. The first machine was designed with three spinning wheels and five symbols, which were horseshoes, diamonds, swords, hearts and a Liberty Bell.

From this first machine, more than 100 years have passed, but the essence of the game is the same. Only now they are virtual games, which have become the most famous of the moment.

Now, we can answer this question, what is a slot machine? They are mechanical or virtual games that are used to play by challenging chance to win money. This type of game has some specific characteristics that it is good to explain, because it will allow you to know more about slots:

  • RTP: the “Return to Player” is the percentage that a casino website allocates to distribute the prizes.
  • Jokers or wild: it is used to substitute any other symbol in the slot machine.
  • RNG: it is the software that generates random numbers.
  • Volatility: it is the difficulty presented by each game and ranges from low, medium and high.
  • Demos: all slots offer a demo, so that you can experiment before betting with real money.
  • Scatter: it is a symbol that gives you access to the free spins screen or a bonus round.
  • Multipliers: it is a unique feature of slots that allows you to double or triple your winnings very quickly.

How to play Slots?

The developers of these games have let their imagination run wild to create the most incredible slot games. Using the most exciting themes, based on stories, movies, games, animated series and novels. All with the intention of giving players the best gaming experience.

In our experience, we advise you to follow these steps before starting any game:

  1. Enter the casino of your choice.
  2. Make your first deposit.
  3. Look for the game you like the most, but we recommend “Its a Joker”.
  4. Before starting the real game, we invite you to practice with a demo.
  5. Scan the interface, locate where the multipliers, Scatter and Wilds are located.
  6. Verify what is the minimum and maximum amount of the spin. All the machines have 2 buttons: spin or stard, which activates the normal spin, and autoplay, where when you press it the spins will be automatic.
  7. Be careful, the automatic mode is somewhat risky, since you have no control over the balance you will spend. Play several times in the demo to practice and when you feel you are ready, you can start playing.

We are very sure that if you follow our advice you will be very lucky.

Slots Rules

Slots Rules

Generally, this type of games do not have specific rules, because it is one of the games that offers you the greatest variety of themes. But, they are designed with adaptations to very pleasant stories, the use of colors and sounds make slots the queen of games.

The most important thing for any casino site is that the players do not try to manipulate your website, do not use bots or any tool to make fraud. All these facts are cause for expulsion from the platform and loss of any money they have in their account. For this reason, we advise you to maintain a legal behavior inside the casino.

Different types of Slots

As the years go by and technology increases, game designers compete with each other to design slots with more fun, effects and animations.

At this point, we will explain some variations of online slots offered by casinos:

Slots according to the number of reels.

The classic machines offer a series of rails and vertical lines that are the ones that will give the spins in each spin. On them, you will see the symbols to achieve winning combinations. Most slot machines range from 3, 4, 5 or 7 reels. The more reels a slot machine has, the higher the possibility of getting wild, scatter or symbols and of course money.

Are you interested in this type of slots? Then you have come to the right place. In Suerte Casinos we will leave you a list of this kind of slots:

  • It’s a Joker
  • DoubleDiamond
  • Jackpot6000
  • Gold Rush

3D Slots

As we have said before, technology is present in today’s slots, because the different providers are always updating their games.

We can highlight the following special features offered by 3D slots: they have HD audio and video effects, they all tell a complex story, their symbols have different functions, multipliers and additional rounds.

To start practicing, we have provided you with a list of the best 3D slots:

  • The Dark Knight
  • Lost Secret of Atlantis

Classic slots

All modern slots have their origin in traditional machines, which appeared as a novelty in casinos and bars all over the world.

They offered the usual symbols and images of fruits and numbers. These machines usually bring back memories and nostalgic airs in the most experienced players.

Progressive Slots

The difference between these slots and the others is that they create an accumulated amount for each spin, generating a jackpot or accumulated amount of money. When a player wins it, the amounts are usually of great value and this type of slots are highly volatile.

But, they are considered the most played, because everyone wants to be the winner of the mega prizes.

The Suerte Casinos team was in charge of giving you the name of some of the best progressive slots:

  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Mega Moolah

Video Slots

As their name indicates, they offer the best video slots with amazing graphic and sound effects and special symbols.

Therefore, their atmosphere is fun to play and the best feature is the flexibility to choose different paylines, allowing you to make different combinations and bets.

There are casino bonuses for Slots

bonuses for Slots

Most casinos offer different types of bonuses and this is common to attract new players. There are also bonuses to reward players’ loyalty. Some of these bonuses offer players the opportunity to have free spins and this is very good, because players will have more chances to win extra money. Most of these spins can only be used on specific slots, which the casino will advertise.

Pros and Cons of Playing Slots

The Suerte Casinos team, after conducting this research, can affirm that slots are one of the best casino games of the moment. However, we have made a list of pros and cons that will allow you to check the quality of this game:


  • They offer a high return to players
  • They are easy to play
  • There are always promotions or free spins for them
  • Their bonuses, wild and scatter are of great advantage
  • Million-dollar prizes in progressive slots


  • Some of them have high volatility

How to win at online slots

Do you want to win at slots? Don’t worry, because we all want to win. Although these games are linked to “chance”, there are also certain strategies to increase the probability of winning.

Would you like to know these strategies? We are sure you would. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to create several very detailed guides on how to increase the probability of winning.


Slots are one of the most popular games in land-based and online casinos. And they are also the most numerous, because any online casino in Latin America has hundreds of slots. But, the best part is the diversity of these games, because there are several types of slots, such as progressive and 3D.

Besides, thanks to our guides and publications, you will be able to make the most of the slots. The Suerte Casinos team will help you with everything you need about these games and you will become a better player, thanks to our advice.

Have the most fun playing slots!

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